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Hola! This is Rukaia Akter Esha, studying English language and literature in Bangladesh Islami University with vice-chancellor's scholarship for maintaining CGPA 4.00 in each semester. Well, I am passionately in love with language and its literary aspects, hence I am continuously trying to upgrade myself gradually and assist others beyond boundaries of age and regional position with a view to beefing up their linguistic and literary skills ( even the foreign language, English) with bliss and zeal, therefore, I have been working as a mentor of Bangla and English in Online Sohopathi and other than that I work with English Olympiad, English Language Club, Brit English Academy and Nevertheless, intending to be a university teacher I have initiated my teaching journey, and miraculously, I have been teaching enthusiastic souls for 7 happy years, and I seriously enjoy this at any circumstance for the journey of teaching something comes to me as teachings in manifolds. I absolutely love to thrust my motto **practice may not make me perfect, yet it will definitely upgrade my version** into the hearts of those enthusiasts. Cheers!

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